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Every year, all vehicles older than three years old are legally required to have an MOT. Fuel system, exhaust emissions & system, seatbelts & seats, doors, mirrors, load security, brakes, tyres & wheels, reg plates, lights, bonnet, wipers & washers, windscreen, horn, VIN & visible electrics are just a few of the elements that are included.


A pre MOT is completed usually before buying/selling your vehicle or an MOT. The pre MOT checks your vehicle for any faults or things that may cause the vehicle’s MOT to fail.


There are 2 types of Diagnostics we offer at Kinloss Garage:
Full Diagnostic: This is a full vehicle-specific system check relating to the reported fault.
Code reader Diagnostic: This will check/clear any current, stored or history codes.


Oil Change

In addition to replacing the oil filter and sump plug, our mechanic will remove the old, used oil from the car and replace it with the correct grade and type for your car.


Our Basic service package includes a replacement engine oil change with the correct grade & type of oil for your vehicle as well as changing the oil filter & sump plug. The mechanic will inspect the vehicle’s lights, front and rear wipers & washers, tyre condition & pressure, battery level & charging, brake fluid level & condition, coolant level & protection, seatbelts, horn operation & top up your radiator coolant & windscreen washers where needed. For your records, we will provide you with a completed checklist that includes any advisory findings. Starting prices (which are vehicle dependent) are as low as £150.00.


The finished Basic service is part of our Intermediate Service Plan. The mechanic will also replace the air filter. A complete examination check of the exhaust system, auxiliary belt, front and rear brakes, wheel bearings, steering, suspension, brake pipes, coolant hoses, fuel lines, and radiator is part of our Intermediate service package. For your records, we will provide you with a completed checklist that includes any recommendation results. Starting prices (which are vehicle dependent) are as low as £250.00.


The finished intermediate service is part of our Comprehensive Service Plan. The mechanic will also replace the cabin filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs (for petrol vehicles only). A complete brake system check is included in this package, which involves removing the calipers, inspecting the piston and seal, cleaning the front and rear brake pads, inspecting the braking discs, lubricating the system and reassembling it. In addition, the handbrake and cables will be checked, adjusted, and cleaned as part of the rear brake service. For your records, we will provide you with a completed checklist that includes any advisory findings. Starting prices (which are vehicle dependent) are as low as £350.00.


Winter Health Check

For only £25, our Mechanics will complete a set of 12-point health checks to ensure your vehicle is at optimum performance for winter. You will receive a copy of the checklist for your record.


Your brake pads & discs will be inspected by our mechanics for wear and tear, and they will recommend any necessary replacements.

Carbon clean

Strongly recommend for diesel vehicles often doing speeds around 40/50mph. Our mechanics will utilise hydrogen to remove carbon build up in your engine. A Carbon Clean will heighten your vehicles performance and reduce emissions.

Air conditioning recharge

Our accredited Air Conditioning Refrigerant Handler will remove old refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system and replace it with new refrigerant ensuring it is properly pressurised and runs correctly.


We offer the following:
Tyre fitting, puncture repairs. Replacement tyre valves & environmental disposal of old tyres (if we fit new tyres)

Underbody Protection

We will use a rustproofing product to protect and stop additional corrosion on the vehicle's underside. Due to the salt on the roads and our coastal location, which contributes significantly to rusting, we would advise this treatment for all vehicles.


Bodywork repairs

Bodywork Repairs include; assess damage, remove scratches and dents, replace entire body panels and glass parts, paintwork, and respraying.


We are experienced in welding work projects and can offer advise on what might be required for your vehicle. Varying prices apply.

Timing belt / chain replacement

To extend the life of the vehicle, timing belts/ chains must be replaced at specific intervals that vary depending on the vehicle. We can advise when your replacement is due.

Wheel Alignment

Our mechanics will inspect and adjust the angles of wheels to the Vehicle’s manufacturer specifications. If your wheels are out of alignment, this can cause premature wear and issues on your tyre.

Exhaust repairs

Our mechanics will inspect and locate any faults or damage to your exhaust and repair or replace if necessary.

General Repairs

We cover a range of general repairs. Contact us to discuss in further detail and receive expert advice.


Vehicle recovery

Covering Highlands & Moray we are here for your vehicle recovery needs. Please call to make arrangements.